About Us

We help schools in providing delightful experience to parents.


We are a technology platform run by alumni of DCE and IIM Ahmedabad. We cover the entire parent journey when he starts searching for a school for his child till he completes the session at the school.

About Us

We cover the entire parent journey right when he starts searching for a school for his child till he completes the session at the school. Hence we play an important role in providing a delightful experience to the parents at the preschool.

The parent sending his child to a preschool is the most anxious parent as his child is going away from home for the first time. Providing him a seamless and easy access to information is vital for a delightful experience.

— Atul Lakhotia, CEO & Founder

HelloParent takes care of all the stakeholders responsible for the child on its platform - School, Staff and Parent.

  1. School: The management is able to keep a track of all activities on a single platform. Platforms like Whatsapp do not allow the management to be aware about every activity happening in the school unless they are part of each group.

  2. Staff: With privacy, the staff contact details are not shared with the parents. Further, with automated processes and removal of repetitive tasks, the teachers are happier and are able to focus more on the education with the kids.

  3. Parent: The parent does not have to jump across multiple platforms to keep a track of the child's progress and safety. The information about child safety, academics, fees etc are organised in a structured way which allows easy and seamless access.


To provide a delightful experience to parents by providing them an easy to use technological platform. The parents are able to follow the activities of his/her child in terms of safety, academics, fees etc on a single platform.

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